corporate solution does much more than just presenting your business to the world. It allows you to actually run various aspects of your business (or your entire business) right from the web.

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Our Corporate Solutions are built for mid-size companies and start with a base platform along with a host of the most popular plugins. This initial package is quite powerful in and of itself and will suit a very wide variety of needs. These base Corporate Solutions address a company's internal communication and management needs, integrations with third-parties and overall B2B connections, as well as interface to individual end-users. We also cover all the common data delivery formats, including text, audio, video, graphics, and more.

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Our corporate solutions are much more than a set of static pages telling your visitors about your services. These solutions will enable you to communicate with your clients and, in many cases, even provide the actual services, collect and analyze consumer data, run marketing campaigns and networds. corporate solutions will further empower you with with a set of internal company management tools. They will facilitate your business and financial planning, department communications, help with team and project coordination, manage your events, and much more ...
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From the base, we then shape and adjust our solution to fit your company's specific needs. We take out the plugins and options you do not need to streamline the platform. If you have need additional features or functions we'll develop and add whatever your project requires. Also note, if there's a "standard tool" available that already does what you need it to do, we'll use it (as is or customized as needed) to save your time and money. As a result, you get a product that is uniquely yours yet easy to manage, highly upgradable, and built on a tested, reliable platform.

A properly-built corporate website does much more than just introducing your company. It facilitates communication with your clients, collects various data for your business, helps with internal projects, and more. As vital an entity as they can be, a corporate website is not a living thing and cannot operate by itself. Someone needs to run it and keep its content and function up to date or customers will quickly see there is never anything "new" and just stop coming. This is where Content Management Systems (CMSs) come handy. Thanks to vast improvements, CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are now simple to operate, yet powerful enough to run a large corporate website (you can read more about CMSs here).

While works with all popular Content Management Systems, we generally prefer WordPress for corporate websites. WordPress is the most user-friendly and forgiving CMS available today. It is stable, continuously updated, and boasts a large number of plug-ins (free and paid extras that expand your sites capabilities). You can read more about WordPress here. You can also schedule an online demo of WordPress (or another CMS) interface and functionality so you can see first hand what we are talking about.

As your corporate website grows you might need more than just content management. Rest assured that whatever help you need, is always there to assist.

Corporate Website Solutions

Our corporate solutions are not only comprehensive, but also unique to each client. Let's discuss details of your company's situation and the project scope.

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