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Custom WordPress Site. Facts Behind The Platform.

What you should know
WordPress is an intuitive and easy-to-manage Content Management System. However, even at that, someone needs to do the management part and support questions come up often, especially for a custom WordPress site. With as your WordPress development company, you can rest assured that support is just an E-mail or phone call away. We offer maintenance plans or even a proactive management and marketing of your website.
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WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) distributed for free under the GNU general public license. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL database. Thanks to numerous built-in themes and plugins, the sphere of WordPress applications is quite wide, ranging from a simple blog to complicated corporate websites, online stores, and even industry portals.

If standard themes and plugins are not enough, you can contract a WordPress development company to build you a custom WordPress site. Make sure that the custom code is well-written, upgradable, and secure.


The WordPress story begins in 2001 with Michel Valdrighi who established a small web design company that developed software for blogs. At that time, Valdrighi was working on developing the b2/cafelog software but in 2003 he announced the closure of his company and the beginning of a new project, which received the name WordPress. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little have also contributed to the development of WordPress. Could have the three men predicted how their WordPress development company would change the face of the Internet?

The first WordPress version appeared on May 27, 2003. Originally it was developed as a flexible platform for managing blogs. Since 2003 WordPress has been constantly improving its functionality and adding new options for bloggers and other types of users. WordPress is really a community and that is another thing that separates it from many other CMSs. There is no single WordPress development company that commercially offers the code. That's why there are so many contributors to the WordPress project.

After 10 years of stable development, today WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system. A custom Wordpress site is now found on more than fifty percent of websites that use a content management system.

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A free software, a rich history, a stable future - WordPress has such a reliable resume. All you need is a WordPress development company to match.


WordPress is a "Toyota Camry" of content management systems. However, even the Camry is not for everyone. Request a free consultation with a WordPress development expert and see if a custom WordPress site is the right solution for YOU.

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