is a Professional South Florida software company providing Web Development and Software Development, Marketing, and Management. In addition, we specialize in running daily Website and I.T. Operations for our clients.

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In all its work, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, follows specific policies and procedures. Please read and familiarize yourself with the items below so you will know exactly what to expect once development of your project begins. If there is anything that is unclear or you are not sure how it affects your project, please ask us.

1. We do our best to follow Final Project Specifications, Change Orders, and other agreed to directions. Therefore we ask you to be as detailed as possible in all your requirements. Whenever there is a room for "interpretation" or multiple options, has a right to decide which option to choose. might, at its sole discretion, contact you to discuss important decisions about your project when we feel that we do not have enough information to proceed. However, is not required to do so. Once a feature is designed or coded within given scope, changing it to another option is considered a Change Order and will be billed as additional work.

2. offers Business Analysis and Marketing as a separate service. Unless you ordered such a service, please do not assume that we provide it as a part of our work (including search engine optimization and marketing).

3. Do not assume that ANY parts or services are included in our estimates or agreements. If you want to make sure whether a particular task is included, please ask!

4. Websites and/or code are not guaranteed to be ADA or Disability compatible, nor compliant to a certain industry code, unless otherwise stated.

5. If a project includes graphic design, a final design concept needs to be approved prior to any programming work. In certain cases we can begin programming before a design has been finalized but that may incur additional fees.

6. Unless specifically stated, our estimates and/or agreements do not include the purchase of any third-party software, licenses, nor license fees.

7. Design concepts are a "picture" of how a website will look when developed. They provide a means to present the site look and feel, positioning of key elements, presentation of information and overall site functionality. Due to the nature of HTML implementations, design elements such as colors, fonts, background space and scroll regions may vary based on equipment used to view a site, differences in Web browsers, browser settings, operating systems, and screen resolutions.

During website development will strive to achieve the look and feel of the design concepts presented while at the same time ensuring the website functions correctly and renders well in all supported browsers. With that in mind, it is important to note that the final online website may vary slightly from the image(s) of design concept(s). Further, there are some features/functions that are not supported by specific browsers therefore can not guarantee that all features/functions will work/display on every browser for every operating system.

8. Unless otherwise contracted, client will provide all written content and original graphics. We will resize images for no additional fee. Scanning and/or other significant image edits, corrections, and alterations will impact project costs.

9. Schedule is central to our pricing. Changes in the schedule or delays due to the inability of client to make resources available or provide content in a timely manner may impact project scope, duration, and price. Feedback and/or acceptance of each deliverable must be provided in writing within 3 – 5 business days of delivery unless otherwise agreed to by both parties

10. We fix our bugs at no cost. However, problems related to third-party software, third-party software upgrades, and other fixes due to our clients or third-party vendors are not considered bugs and will be charged as additional work.

11. Support. We know how important support is to our clients. Rest assured you will enjoy timely and reliable support for the life of your project or contracted terms (whichever applies).
However, we consider support a service and, as with any service, it comes with a price tag and certain conditions. Please read carefully what we include as free support and what we offer as paid support. If you would like to discuss special support terms for your project, please tell us!

11.1. Free support includes:

  • Unless contracted otherwise, we correct our bugs for 6 months. Any support beyond that is a billable task, even if related to a bug.
  • By default, we include a certain number of hours of E-mail support (usually up to 1 or 2 hours) for qualified projects (at least 40 hours of work). This type of support does not mean fixing bugs (we fix our bugs at no cost during the warranty period - see above). This support covers our modifications, custom changes, and our code in general.

NOTE: Most software currently comes with a user-friendly control panel. Once we install and configure third-party software and scripts, we recommend you to learn how the control panel works, read manual(s), and visit support forums. Training on any product or platform is available but unless otehrwise agreed to in advance is not included in estimates or project pricing.

11.2. Paid support:

  • We are happy to offer our clients unlimited paid support for all IT issues, included web design, programming, Internet marketing, and more ....
  • In addition to on-demand support, we offer monthly support plans. Please contact us to discuss.

NOTE: Unless specifically contracted, we do not monitor ongoing performance of websites/products

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