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Florida Magento Developers on Magento website Advantages

Our Florida Magento developers love this software so much, they behave like kids just talking about it. They've even dubbed it "the programming equivalent of playing with Lego's"! Seriously... a Magento website is like a set of building blocks. Experienced Magento developers can configure its framework (assemble the blocks) to fit your business needs often without even additional coding or paid plug-ins.

Truth be told, a Magento website is not a miracle. As with everything else in technology, it has its drawbacks, which you can read about here. But in the opinion of our Florida Magento developers, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. So, let's see what these pros are and how you, as a website owner, can benefit.

  • The admin interface provides vast flexibility for managing products, options, and prices.
  • Magento website (Community Edition) is a downloadable product. You own it and can host it anywhere you want to. You can move it, take down, put back up.
  • You can offer your consumers multiple ways to search for products and to sort product listings.
  • Your website has virtually unlimited category levels and easy to manage hierarchy.
  • Magento developers can create custom landing pages targeted at specific audiences.
  • On the subject of audiences, before ANYONE can access the primary or custom landing pages, consumers need to FIND your website first! Fortunately, Magento is well-liked by search engines, and our Florida developers and SEO specialists know all the proper techniques to help you achieve high search rankings.
  • Your store can also be viewed from mobile devices.
  • A Magento website is a live and constantly developing platform. This means regular upgrades and fixes. While you need professional Magento developers to install and configure these updates, you can at least rest assured a solution is available (and often the upgrades themselves are provided at no additional cost).
  • In addition to extensive category and product options control, you can also create and sell different types of the products, including digital data. A Magento website lets you create product "templates" and then easily copy their settings to new products.
  • The inventory options of Magento have become an industry standard, but with just a few tweaks from our Florida Magento developers you can use product inventory to sell tickets/event seating.
  • You can add promotions and free/discounted shipping.
  • You can offer gift certificates to your Magento website customers.
  • You can set discounts for certain goods, for specific groups of users (i.e. Florida residents, wholesale customers, returning users, etc.) and our Magento developers can apply these discounts indefinitely or for a certain period.
  • You can export and import goods directly to/ from Excel files. If, in addition to your Magento website, you have a physical retail location, sell products through Amazon, eBay, or another online resource, Magento developers will be happy to synchronize your inventory across all your websites for you.
  • We can also integrate your website with various value-added services, like order fulfillment, ERP, affiliate networks, and more.
  • A Magento website has a large number of free and paid plug-ins created by third-party developers. These plug-ins will greatly improve/expand your website's functionality.
  • Magento boasts a rich and detailed reporting.
  • Even your consumers can contribute to the content of your website. Users can evaluate goods by different factors, leave feedback, add tags, create wish-lists, and more ...

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