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Florida eCommerce Web Developers: About the Magento Shopping Cart

General Magento shopping cart information

Magento Commerce (Community Edition) is a free open source eCommerce platform that is very popular with merchants selling any type of product or service online. The Magento shopping cart was developed in 2008 and, due to its popularity and growth potential, in June 2011 was acquired by EBay. The number of its users is growing annually and Magento shopping cart has now become the leader among user-friendly eCommerce solutions. It is also well-liked by Florida eCommerce web developers and throughout the world.

Magento shopping cart history

The history of Magento shopping cart is a story of creativity and hard work. A small group of professional eCommerce web developers managed to become #1 in the world in the segment of the open source eCommerce solutions.

In 2001, Roy Rubin, a young student from the USA, started installing and customizing Magento shopping cart. Several months later he set up his own company Varien. Inc., which was renamed to Magento Commerce in 2010.

In just a few short years, Magento Commerce has become one of the most famous companies among professional eCommerce web developers allowing them to design flexible yet powerful Magento shopping carts based on the osCommerce cart ("Open Source Commerce") platform.

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Magento shopping cart websites

If you're ready to get serious about eCommerce, Magento with its ease of use, scalability, and design flexibility is the right platform for you! Our Florida eCommerce web developers work with all versions from Enterprise to the hosted MagentoGo platform and can address your website issues quickly and effectively.

Solutions delivered by Florida eCommerce web developers

One great thing about Magento shopping cart is that it constantly evolves. Whenever there is a new need, trend, or desire within the Online shopping cart Industry, Magento comes up with a solution. All you need as a website owner is to have eCommerce web developers to install and configure these solutions for you.

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