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Company started in 1995 (under a different name) when “The Internet” and “America On Line” were the same thing …. or rather meant the same thing which was little to nothing for mostly everyone (except a way to send that new “lazy” communication called E-Mail). Back then, we were selling simple, light website design (frankly primitive by today’s standard) and website hosting. Imagine…selling a product and a service most clients never even heard of much less understood! But even back then we knew there is always a solution. Build a relationship with and understanding of the client first …. then build them a website …. then sell them the hosting service. And so that’s what we did…we persevered and we succeeded!

What you should know
You should ONLY use professional website designers and software developers to work on your projects. That is of course if you want good and professional results. If you want a website you'll end up wasting time and money on and end up having a professional fix anyway, let your nephews, nieces and friends try out their website development skills first.
Make sure that you have a dedicated website development manager in your company, or an employee working directly with the website/software development team. This will assure the project fits your business and doesn't make your business fit the project.

As the new millennium came around (5 whole years later), Email, websites and the Internet grew exponentially and not only was everyone aware of them but they hardly remembered they were oblivious to their existence just a few short years before! Of course knowing about something and really understanding it are two completely different things. Technology started expanding and gaining strength but real knowledge (on the client AND developer side) still hadn’t quite caught up in most cases! Trying to help fill that knowledge/experience void, we became (in 2000) and extended our services into programming and software development. Back then it was easy to grow because everyone wanted a piece of the World Wide Web! The hard part was to educate clients who knew the Internet existed but still did not really understand it (Oh! I can now sell my furniture over the Internet? Would I E-mail it to my customers?). But still we persevered and we succeeded and now we are even serving second generation clients!

Then, of course came the 2003 “big bubble” and the Internet blew up into everyone’s face (Yes, building a whole business around selling bags of dogfood that cost $9.95 for $10 was NOT a good idea *s*). Even those who knew AND understood thecnology, did not want to hear about it. That was a really tough time. The tech sector took at huge hit. And so did But as with any downturn, some make it and others fade. We took the hit…persevered and we succeeded again! Not only did we survive but we actually grew our yearly sales volume in 2003 and thereafter.

In recent years Internet and the technology industry have stabilized and have been consistently growing. The I.T. businesses (as well as most of the users) are much better educated and know (most of) the “what’s”, “whys”, and “how’s”. They just cannot DO it themselves …. nor they should! We feel our clients should be good at what they do best – run their businesses. Let US do ours which is run the technology FOR you. has been successful in the past 20 years. Let that rub off on your business and we’ll both preserver…and succeed!

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