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Android apps by Florida Android Developers

Android apps don't hold as big a market share as ones for iPhone, but sales of the devices themselves have rapidly increased. As a matter of fact, Android powered phones have already passed iPhone for the number of units sold. Naturally, Florida Android developers have followed that trend.

What you should know
Can't decide whether to develop for iPhone or Android? Develop for both! That said, what you should consider is which version to develop first. Android is an open-source platform which means with Android apps you have more coding "freedom" compared to iPhone programming which is stricter (but also more consistent). While our Florida Android developers have to deal with multiple device manufacturers, models, and versions, the iPhone coders only need to adjust for version upgrades. Advantage - iPhone! As a rule of a thumb, start with an iPhone version and then clone to Android apps.
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As the ranks of Android users swell, so does the need for Android apps. Practically all new mobile applications are now considered for development as both iPhone and Android apps. As such, our Florida Android developers have created an Android version of almost every application we previously developed for iPhone.

Of course migrating projects from iPhone to Android apps is just a small segment of our workload. Android developers can build you a unique application from scratch or take over a troubled project at any point of the development process.

The quality of your Android application is of the utmost importance to (as it should be to any developer). Remember, Smartphone users who choose Android and iPhone devices are looking for performance and are willing to pay a premium for these superior products. They usually apply the same concept when selecting the apps. Our Florida Android developers learned that sometimes, instead of developing completely new, un-tested software, it makes sense to start with an already built and popular Android app and improve on it. Specifically what we're suggesting is to look at apps already in use and try to develop either a better version of or missing features/enhancements to the same concept. If the product is already in use and at least reasonably popular, your challenge is to significantly improve the quality and/or usability of the app. The advantage is you don't have to worry if anyone even wants the app in the first place! Florida Android developers can also take care of your project maintenance so you can concentrate on the commercial part. While mobile applications usually do not last as long as websites or server-running software, they do require more attention and updates, especially business Android apps. We can support your Android project, integrate it with other parts of your company network, and more.

With Android apps, just like with mobile development in general, - Wherever you go, Whatever you do ... will be right here for you. Every journey, of course, begins with a first step. Make yours in the right direction and schedule a free consultation with the Forida Android developers.

Android Apps Development

Whether you need a brand new Android application, a clone of an app previously developed for iPhone, or help with a troubled Android project, Florida Android developers are on-call and ready to engage. Give us a call And we are on the roid (oops, road) to see you.


Getting into the Android apps development business? The mobile industry is changing so fast, that you might think about investing in a time machine first. The application that seems great today might sink tomorrow. Of course a time machine is still out of reach (for now), but we can safely predict that consulting a professional Florida Android developer to help you identify future trends would be a good decision.

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