's graphic designers might not know programming, but let them dress up a piece of code and it becomes a work of art.

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Graphic Design

Don't judge a book by its cover. That's what everyone says but hey ... we all do! The most interesting book might never be opened if the jacket design doesn't draw your attention to pick it up in the first place!. Likewise, the best website or application might never get a user to look past the homepage if it's not visually appealing.

What you should know
You can not score without a goal! This may sound pretty simple at first but look a little deeper. Whether it is a poster, a brochure, a logo or a website, the design should emphasize a message. Good design conveys information and communicates ideas. Poor design impairs that communication by "getting in the way". Remember, this does not mean you can only do simple and clean, or fancy, or complicated. It also does not mean you have to learn all about balance, proportion, space and direction (technical issues are the artists job!). What it means is FIRST define the message you want the design to convey. Once you have clearly established that, view the graphics you are provided through those eyes. See if the message is clear, the idea is present and you do not have to wonder will the audience "get it?" ... GOAAAAAAL!
Graphic design is the delivery engine of your message

Of course with websites and applications a pretty picture is not enough. Without a doubt, top notch functionality is critical, but sticking to the visual aspect for the moment ... website design and application interfaces need to be usable and intuitive so they are "naturally" appealing to a user. They also need to keep that compelling yet intuitive look and feel through the inside, back end functions and even across multiple platforms and screens types. has real graphic design artists with experience, great vision, and understanding of brand concept. It will be up to you to KEEP your clients there but we'll sure help you GET them there!

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Total design services provides a full range of design services including website graphics, software and application icons and screens, print design, 3D design, animation, and more ... Our artists work in close cooperation with our programmers to deliver a solid, well integrated combination of code and graphics.

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