developers are well-versed in both proprietary software development and migration from proprietary software projects. As a full-featured vendor we can complement these with other programming services.

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Proprietary Software

What you should know
Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a pathway to your door! That is the old saying, but the modern response should be ... even if we build a better mousetrap will someone just breed a smarter mouse?! As you digest that thought, understand that it directly relates to proprietary software (no ... really it DOES!). The point is that you really need to think about the true need of your project. Is it the software itself that is the aim or is it what the software does? Most of the greatest inventions and innovations are based on making existing things BETTER, not just making new things. It is pretty difficult these days to have a completely original programming need, but there are TONS of new and innovative applications OF existing technologies and codes! If you do not need to start from scratch to have a great finish ... why would you? Hopefully you did not find this section to be too ... cheesy!
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Proprietary software was (and sometimes still is) a great buzz phrase! In the Wild West days of the 90's who's business plan didn't include the phrase "our proprietary ABC software will ... ". That was all well and good when just about everything WAS proprietary because almost all programs and systems HAD to be made from scratch. In fact, many of those software products even ran on proprietary operating systems just for the specific device they were meant to be used on. Of course these systems are hard to maintain (even if the company that created this IS still in business) and often almost impossible to update. While there certainly can still to this day be reason for truly proprietary software systems (and we CAN help you if you need it), most of the time when companies have them it's because they were stuck with a "black box" years ago and never saw a way out! We'll be happy to help bring your system back to the light (so you can stop buying scanning devices from 1997 and searching e-bay for working computers with FLOPPY DRIVES!).

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Proprietary software projects are much like a early traffic on I-95. You either are moving South or North and all lines are jammed. And with proprietary software you either need a new one developed, or need to migrate away from one that is obsolete. experts can help you in either direction. And, hey, if you stuck on the side of the road with an existing proprietary product that broke or need a tune-up, we can fix that too.

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