pays special attention to details. This is why we consider functional specifications an essential part of every project. Don't have one? Let us create it for you.

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Technical Writing and Functional Specification

Imagine you've hired an artist to paint your family portrait. The catch is he can't come to you and you'll have to call him on the phone and DESCRIBE each of your family members to him and he'll do the painting from that. What do you suppose the chances are that it will come out right?

What you should know
A well-written functional specification is crucial to make intelligent decisions during the life cycle of a project. The more information you can gather in the early stages of a project, the more adaptable you can be if you should have to deal with obstacles that might appear during the project.
A functional specification establishes a solid agreement between the development team and the customer by clarifying, identifying, and relating the work of the project to the business owner's objectives. The two parties reach an agreement by explaining the need or issue to be resolved by the project, what the product or deliverables will include, and what potential costs, gains, and success measures are involved.
Functional Specification is a Blueprint of your project

Sadly, many website and programming clients try to apply the same concept to producing a quality software product and actually expect different results!

Describing a sophisticated project in a few short sentences or asking to "just copy" an existing website/software is a sure way to end up with a caricature result.

To make sure that doesn't happen to you,'s technical writers can prepare a professional, detailed scope of your project, so your developer (whether it is us or not) will not have to guess and read your mind. Further, having and studying a formal project specification will help you identify missing or poorly defined use cases and potential vulnerabilities allowing you to make necessary adjustments before a lot of time, money, and efforts go to waste.

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Technical Writing Services

A detailed specification assures that your developer won't have to guess or "read your mind" about what you really want from the project.


With the business analysis and your project functional specification, there is bad news and good news. The bad news is ... just like with a homework, it needs to be completed. A school-material-hungry dog excuse will not work here. The good news is ... you can have your friend (THAT'S US) do it for you. will get you an A+ on your test!

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