gaming department is a group of expert programmers, graphic artists, and testers experienced in game/entertainment solutions, mobile applications, and 3D visualization.

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What could be better than playing games ... ? Making money while playing games! This is what game developers have been doing for the past 10 years under the envious eye of the rest of the company!

What you should know
Playing a game is a lot of fun. Developing a popular commercial game product is a lot of hard work. You might have a great idea for a new game, but there is a long way between the idea and a successful complete application. Be prepared for the bumps, detours, and high traffic (no pun intended).
You can rely on Game Developers

Creating a game is really not much different from creating a business application but what separates our game programmers and designers from the business team is that they don't like what they do they LOVE it! Sure they may fight over who gets to test a new game but they always (work and) play well together!

But seriously, is a prime choice for game development for a number of reasons:

  • We have skills and know-how.
  • Our managers and developers are creative and happy to contribute their ideas.
  • With experience in building for multiple platforms and server side, we can program your game for multiple devices and systems, make an online and/or a group game versions, and much more.
  • We have excellent graphic designers, so not just programming but all aspects of game development can be handled in one place offering you a COMPLETE SOLUTION!
  • A successful game needs frequent updates. With you can rest assured that your product will have timely and efficient support for as long as you'd need it.
  • We even have ways to help you finance, market, and monetize your game.

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Just a Game?

Bad news about digital games? It is still a software application plus graphic design. Good news about digital games? It is just a software application plus graphic design. Software application plus graphic design is what has been doing ever since 1996. And experience is not something you play around with. Contact us to discuss your gaming project today.

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