We understand you have many choices when selecting an I.T. firm but there are a number of reasons to choose SoftAddicts. In fact… here are seven.

1. SoftAddicts.com is a full-featured website and software development company.

We can handle all aspects of your website development and future maintenance, including: graphic design, programming, hosting, search engine optimization and Internet marketing, plus timely support.
With SoftAddicts.com you get a single vendor that can handle any of your company’s technology tasks.

What you should know
One of the most important qualities of a good website is its ability to adapt to new markets and technology. Make sure your website keep up with the times.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years.

We are passionate about the work we do and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. SoftAddicts.com is among the top website development companies in Miami, Florida.

3. We understand that technology is not your business it’s OURS.

You don’t need to “become the programmer” or speak fluent “techenese”. We will speak (and listen) to you in plain English and then handle your technical needs quickly and efficiently.

4. Not only do we know technology, but our management team also understands the business side of running a company and its website.

Before we commence work on your project, we learn your business process and needs. Then, we devise a development plan that best corresponds to those needs.

5. We know how valuable your time is and realize that undertaking a website or software development project can be pretty disruptive.

We make sure that our work affects your daily business flow as little as possible.

6. Once your project is completed, we follow-up with timely and reliable support.

With some of our projects we are now serving second generation of owners!

7. Last but not least, we offer competitive rates that will fit almost any budget.