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Please note:

All websites/software projects were fully functioning when added to the portfolio. Unless specifically contracted to do so, does not monitor ongoing performance of websites or software projects. If you notice any problems please let us know so we can alert the client to help address their issue


Stanford University School of Medicine.

About Stanford University School of Medicine: Stanford University School of Medicine consistently ranks among the top medical schools in the country. At Stanford Medicine, its strength in interdisciplinary scholarship, dedicated faculty, and a culture of innovation set the training ground for the next generation of biomedical leaders and pioneers. As an academic medical center with close ties to Stanford University and Silicon Valley, Stanford Medicine merges research with health-care expertise to drive creative thinking and innovation. Stanford Medicine's nonlinear approach to education is transforming the way medicine and science are taught, learned and practiced.

Challenge: With Stanford Medicine being an innovative and at the forefront Medical School, their I.T. needs were for cutting edge of technology. From 3D software training, to mobile learning, testing, and scoring modules - everything needs to be precise, tested, and easy-to-use. Stanford Medicine had ongoing needs for various research and trial modules, as well as learning, testing, and scoring applications. An important requirement was to have the products work across stationary, and mobile devices using various platforms. High level security requirements made it ever more challenging (but also more exciting) to work with this client.

Solution:With unique requirements for every project, had to come up with a custom solution that was just right, thoroughly tested, and well implemented every time! has provided a combination of custom PHP framework solutions, server administration and security services, calculation formulas and cross-platform integration. (Please note: As all Stanford Medicine applications are behind their firewall and password-protected, we are only able to post (with Stanford's permission of course) some selected screenshots.)

Masterpiece Living

About Masterpiece Living: Masterpiece Living is a multi-specialty group who is committed to older adults aging in a better way. More Than Just a Wellness Program, Masterpiece Living embodies a cultural approach to successful aging based on the belief that more is possible as we age. Their researched-based initiatives help build more satisfied communities with more satisfied residents and associates with lower risks for decline. Masterpiece Living's trademarked tools and techniques measure and inspire aging community culture.

Challenge: The client faced an all too common challenge. MULTIPLE companies had attempted to build (then re-build) their online web portal and administrative systems. These systems were responsible for everything from user and community management to testing, data collection, reporting and intricate data analysis on multiple levels. Unfortunately, despite such complex needs, nobody really bothered to try to understand their business or technical needs resulting in multiple failed systems that made doing their work even more complicated! Another major issue was that their critical user and testing data was scattered between the previous developers in various formats and states of order.

Solution: first took the time to really understand how Masterpiece living's systems and staff worked! Rather than try to make the client fit into what WE though they needed, we allowed to tell US what each part of the system was, how it should work and how they should interact. Once everything was clear created a completely custom WordPress system for them with dozens of unique features that let not only their staff work as they always hoped they could but their (HIGHLY) un-technical users breezed through the site with ease! The project was so successful that the two companies continue to collaborate to this day adding features to and refining the system because as Masterpiece Living feels ... things can just keep getting better with age!

Roping World

About Roping World: Roping World is an online portal for the roping and professional rodeo sport enthusiasts. It offers information, services, and products to the industry insiders and fans. Run by the roping sport's leading authorities, this portal is quickly gaining recognition and popularity.

Challenge: While built on a standard CMS, Roping World project had 2 unique requirements. The website had to be integrated with an embedded online store developed and hosted by a third-party vendor. Also, the client, located in California, demanded live development sessions through Skype with programmers and managers on the East Coast.

Solution: added a unique "roping" look and feel to a responsive design draft and cut it into the CMS-controlled pages. We seamlessly handled the store addition with the use of sessions and iframes. Daily skype meeting blocks were scheduled and completed to make sure the client could actively participate in the development process.

Style of Paris

About Style of Paris: The mission at Style of Paris was to offer consumers extraordinary hair accessories that were levels above convenience, department, and even specialty stores. Their hand finished, eco-friendly styling products, made by French designers, are made to be long lasting yet sell for a very affordable price.

Challenge: The client need two very important things. An easy to use and update webstore to showcase and sell their products as well as a design as unique as they were to reflect their brand.

Solution: design team created a one of a kind design theme with just the style that Style of Paris was looking for. The designers then worked with the programming team turning their vision into a full featured Magento webstore that allowed consumers to easily shop through all the products, including the ability to see them in the MANY different colors and patterns that make the products unique. The store was so successful the products caught the eye of retail giant WalMart who now carries the Style of Paris line.

Clear Handbags

About Clear Handbags: Clear Handbags was started several years ago by a bright entrepreneur who noticed the increasing trend of workplaces requiring employees to carry clear handbags. She saw that more and more casinos, retail stores, correctional facilities, even visitors to NFL stadiums, concerned about security forced people to carry clear bags. As there were very few options around, she quickly seized on the opportunity and put together a far reaching collection of bags, backpacks, etc. in a wide variety of color trims, sizes, and styles to suit different needs and tastes.

Challenge: The client wanted to have an effective online presence that showcased her products, provided powerful marketing tools, and yet was easy to operate so she could continue to grow her business not just "run" a website.

Solution: created a webstore for Clear Handbags based on the Magento CMS. This powerful product is designed to both manage a websites content as well as provide some of the most up to date e-commerce features available today. From multiple product options, to coupon codes, to one step checkout with multiple payment options all wrapped up in a great custom skin, this site is now a "clear" choice for buyers word-wide.


About Qiwi: Qiwi is a leading provider of next generation payment, financial, and banking services. It has an integrated proprietary network that enables payment services across physical, online and mobile channels. It has deployed over 16.5 million virtual wallets, over 175,000 kiosks and terminals, and enabled merchants to accept cash and electronic payments monthly from over 70 million consumers using its network at least once a month. QIWI's consumers can use cash, stored value and other electronic payment methods to order and pay for goods and services across physical or online environments interchangeably.
Qiwi Group is a public company trading on NASDAQ under "QIWI".

Challenge: Qiwi urgently needed a website for one of their US locations. The client also needed its payment processing network connected to a number of bank and clearing house systems. An additional challenge came from the fact that Qiwi uses ATM kiosks that run on variety of platforms.

Solution: quickly built and launched an easy to use WordPress website. further used MVC4 framework to write custom APIs, came up with a secure, encrypted process of data exchange, and successfully integrated the Qiwi network with banks and clearing houses. Future integrations are pending. (Please note that a number of pages on the website are not connected by the clients request).

Miami Residence

About Miami Residence: Miami Residence Realty is a premier full-service Miami real estate brokerage company, actively involved in all phases of real estate in sunny South Florida.
With Miami Residence, you will find a resourceful, flexible, and goal-oriented team of real estate professionals united by one purpose: their commitment to you!

Challenge: Real estate websites must be visually rich and appealing. They also have to be easy to manage and need to display accurate property listings. While those demands present a certain challenge, it is 2 other aspects that usually trouble developers. Real estate websites pull listing data, images, maps, and more ... from MLS database and many other resources. All that information needs to be integrated and presented on the front-end pages, which usually negatively affects search engine optimization and makes the page design non-responsive (not friendly for mobile devices).

Solution: developed a custom engine based on Joomla CMS, which combines a real estate module, an SEO plugin re-written for the real estate website needs, friendly URLs up to the actual property level, and custom pages for each individual listing. We then fit it with a piece of art responsive design and all the necessary back-end controls.
PLEASE NOTE: Miami Residence still has their old website online (you can see it furhter below on this page). See what a difference we've made!

Healing Beyond Borders

About Healing Beyond Borders: Healing Beyond Borders (formerly Healing Touch International) is a world-a non-profit certification, education, and membership Association serving Healing Touch providers, instructors, and the general public. Healing Touch is a nurturing, holistic and integrative biofield therapy that facilitates health and healing and is being taught in universities, medical and nursing schools and other settings internationally.

Challenge: The client needed to integrate the complex needs of their administrative, technical, and function systems into a single, easy to manage web platform for a variety of (predominantly non-technical) user types. The also needed to integrate a fully functioning webstore to sell products AND manage, update memberships and registrations.

Solution: replaced the three separate (previously non-integrated) systems with a single, highly effective platform based on the Joomla CMS. The Virtumart store is directly integrated into a single admin system so that all aspects of commerce, membership and web functionality can be managed seamlessly

Greg Taylor Professional Associates Law Firm

About GTPA Law: Greg Taylor Professional Associates Law Firm is a group with over 75 years of collective Real Estate Experience> Gregory B> Tayloe, Esq. has a broad background in all areas of real estate and finanace.

Challenge: Having so many years of legal experience doesn't always translate to experience with technology and the Internet. GTPA Law had an outdated look and feel to their site that didn`t reflect their level of quality and experience. They also had multiple technical issues including domain registration and email issues, a non-integrated proprietary closing docs system and more. Further, their staff had limited to no ability to interact with the website and its features and needed to contact and wait for their former development company for even the slightest changes.

Solution: helped the client decide that an updated WordPress website would be their best option. We added a clean modern design more befitting the company image and cleanly integrated it with the external document system (even matching the sites style). We also trained the client on the simple to use WordPress CMS so that they can easily update their site content and images quickly and easily.

Pipers Dojo

About: Pipers Dojo`s business is devoted to furthering the bagpipes (and bagpipe music) by providing great supplies and education to all of their customers. They believe that bagpipes and drums aren`t just a hobby -- they can become a way of life.

Challenge: On the surface, it seemed simple. Create a site that "bagpipes" but after learning more about the client and the product, we quickly found out that a bagpipe is as customizable as a CAR! What`s more, due to the hundreds of parts and combinations, it`s not practical for the client to stock every item and the majority of products available need to be drop shipped to the purchaser from multiple locations or sent to assemblers to further develop the custom product.

Solution: created the site using Magento CE and a fully responsive design. We included custom developed Dropshipper and Infussionsoft plugins as well as several popular retail plugins (with custom modifications) to add powerful features such as Gift Cards, Promo codes and One Click Checkout. Other special features in admin allow the owners to create phone and walk-in orders through the system and we made the whole admin compatible with mobile devices for work on the go!

Real Estate Websites

Challenge: We have been approached by several Real Estate Agencies with requests to develop quality custom websites that would pull in MLS data automatically along with regular updates. As strictly as the Real Estate industry is regulated, that was already enough of a challenge. But conducts its business in Miami, South Florida. Real Estate Boards are broken into counties and listing data is not readily available. On the top of that, our clients wanted the data to be organized by condos, communities, and show rental and historical data among other features.

Solution: after extensive and thorough research came up with a custom solution for the industry. Our Real Estate "engine" is based on Joomla, several plugins, and our own custom scripts. This solution works well for any area and type of Real Estate. It is well indexed by search engines and is easy to manage and extend.

Short Term Lending Sites

Challenge: Short Term Lending sites are becoming more and more common with the challenges of today`s economy. While their appearance seems simple, they are often integrated to one or several third party platforms that are used to process the applications, provide real-time decisions and authorizations, and even simplify the process for returning customers.

Solution: created a system of custom developed WordPress plugins and PHP scripts to seamlessly connect new sites with loan aggregators. We also have developed and continue to refine a number of specialized codes and applications specifically for the loan industry.

Musical World

About Musical World: Musical World is a leader in online artist career development. Created by professional musicians and music industry experts and based on a solid online presence, Musical World is the ultimate promotion and networking community for artists, musicians, managers and presenters worldwide. Legends like Yo-Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Lang Lang, Placido Domingo, Joshua Bell, Andrea Bocelli, Philip Glass, Cecilia Bartoli, Valery Gergiev, and a pool of other household names - can all be found right here.

Challenge: The old website was built on a proprietary Content Management System with a poor user interface and a variety of errors.

Solution: converted the site to WordPress, improved the user interface, and added a number of essential new features.

Website Designers Florida has created and built hundreds of projects for customers around the globe. We make sure that we understand your business process and flow and how the project needs to fit within your company's style, philosophy, and goals to be truly successful.


I have been delighted by expertise and service in bringing the idea of my website to life. Their skill in creating all of the technical, business, and artistic features I needed, their punctuality in getting things accomplished, and their patience with my very limited understanding of technical matters were all exceptional. If I were to rate them, they'd get a 10 out of 10! I have already referred to several friends and colleagues.

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