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Sometimes, a single script or application is not enough to provide the necessary functionality for a given project or project module. A combination of different tools or technologies is needed to complete your website development task.

What you should know
Overall, if you want very specific, non-standard functionality as well as complete freedom of design with no limitations, a custom-built website would be more suitable for you and your business. It may cost more money and may take time and effort but the results will be what you want. At the same time, semi-custom and even "off the shelf" solution may do quite nicely. What you think needs to be "completely unique" might very well be achieved with a combination of existing technology products and tools.

Solutions can be fully-custom, semi-custom, and packaged.

A fully-custom solution is basically developing everything from scratch. Some previously written code or third-party libraries can be used (if approved by the client), however, most of the code is written anew. A fully-custom solution accommodates clients with very specific and unique needs the best, but is also the most expensive and takes a longer time to develop.

A semi-custom solution is when developers take unique, but functional and compatible parts and put them together with slight to moderate customization to fit the demands of the project.

A packaged solution is when developers take a combination of pre-fit and previously used together tools and usually just customize the look and feel without much change (if any) in he general functionality of those components. Instead of fitting a solution to the client, it turns into fitting the client into solution. This is really not as bad as it sounds and is often time and cost effective. Normally, it is used for clients within the same industry.

Over the years, developed a number of solutions, often in the form of a plug-in to existing popular content management system or engine. Many of these solutions are specific to certain industries. Because we have on-staff developers versatile in multiple technologies, it is easier for us to find a proper combination of tools when the need arises.

If you have a challenging project, do not try to reinvent the wheel. Talk to us and see how your problem can be resolved with the least effort possible.

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If you have a challenging project, talk to a specialist and see how your project may take less effort than you thought.


Solutions about Solutions? WOW! Am I seeing double? Well, coming up with a solution is not everything, yet. You need a solution that works well for you. Consult with one of professionals to make sure that your choice is right. And ... do not forget that a solution means absolutely nothing unless you follow it through.

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