Project Description

About Masterpiece Living:Masterpiece Living is a multi-specialty group who is committed to older adults aging in a better way. More Than Just a Wellness Program, Masterpiece Living embodies a cultural approach to successful aging based on the belief that more is possible as we age. Their researched-based initiatives help build more satisfied communities with more satisfied residents and associates with lower risks for decline. Masterpiece Living’s trademarked tools and techniques measure and inspire aging community culture.

Challenge: The client faced an all too common challenge. MULTIPLE companies had attempted to build (then re-build) their online web portal and administrative systems. These systems were responsible for everything from user and community management to testing, data collection, reporting and intricate data analysis on multiple levels. Unfortunately, despite such complex needs, nobody really bothered to try to understand their business or technical needs resulting in multiple failed systems that made doing their work even more complicated! Another major issue was that their critical user and testing data was scattered between the previous developers in various formats and states of order.

Solution: first took the time to really understand how Masterpiece living’s systems and staff worked! Rather than try to make the client fit into what WE though they needed, we allowed to tell US what each part of the system was, how it should work and how they should interact. Once everything was clear created a completely custom WordPress system for them with dozens of unique features that let not only their staff work as they always hoped they could but their (HIGHLY) un-technical users breezed through the site with ease! The project was so successful that the two companies continue to collaborate to this day adding features to and refining the system because as Masterpiece Living feels … things can just keep getting better with age!