Project Description

About Stanford University School of Medicine:Stanford University School of Medicine consistently ranks among the top medical schools in the country. At Stanford Medicine, its strength in interdisciplinary scholarship, dedicated faculty, and a culture of innovation set the training ground for the next generation of biomedical leaders and pioneers. As an academic medical center with close ties to Stanford University and Silicon Valley, Stanford Medicine merges research with health-care expertise to drive creative thinking and innovation. Stanford Medicine’s nonlinear approach to education is transforming the way medicine and science are taught, learned and practiced.

Challenge:With Stanford Medicine being an innovative and at the forefront Medical School, their I.T. needs were for cutting edge of technology. From 3D software training, to mobile learning, testing, and scoring modules – everything needs to be precise, tested, and easy-to-use. Stanford Medicine had ongoing needs for various research and trial modules, as well as learning, testing, and scoring applications. An important requirement was to have the products work across stationary, and mobile devices using various platforms. High level security requirements made it ever more challenging (but also more exciting) to work with this client.

Solution:With unique requirements for every project, had to come up with a custom solution that was just right, thoroughly tested, and well implemented every time! has provided a combination of custom PHP framework solutions, server administration and security services, calculation formulas and cross-platform integration. (Please note: As all Stanford Medicine applications are behind their firewall and password-protected, we are only able to post (with Stanford’s permission of course) some selected screenshots.)